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how've you been?

Posted by anime-essence on May 31, 10 3:44 pm

Yea I just log on sporadically. Haven't had any inspiration to design and stuff. Just trying to do well my senior year.

Posted by anime-essence on Aug 8, 09 11:55 am

Hm ... well I'm pretty good! I haven't been checking/uploading to cB as much as I used too though. A lot of vets seem to have gone MIA! I'm glad I saw you online though! :)

Posted by fainaru on Jul 29, 09 9:44 pm

Thank you and I'm great.
How about yourself?

Posted by anime-essence on Jul 29, 09 11:26 am

I saw you online and I just had to drop a comment! Hope all is well :3

Posted by fainaru on Jul 25, 09 10:46 pm