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OMG HI! Where've you been???

Posted by schizo on Jun 2, 11 4:29 pm

hubba hubba

Posted by fainaru on May 22, 11 10:33 pm

Hey Fain! How did everything go with those heart tests? I hope all is well. :)

Posted by schizo on Jun 10, 10 6:41 pm

Oh no. D: I had one of those before because they thought I had a hole in my heart. They're really uncomfortable, but you come out knowing more about what's wrong, which is always good. I hope everything goes okay. :)

Posted by schizo on Feb 14, 10 11:31 am


Had some heart scares this past month that's for sure! My first time visiting a hospital :( It wasn't very nice. I have to do an echocardiogram to check my heart tomorrow. I'm praying it's nothing serious.

Posted by fainaru on Feb 12, 10 9:51 pm

HEY! How's life been treating you?

Posted by schizo on Jan 22, 10 10:54 am

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GABIIIIIIIIII!

Posted by fainaru on Jan 20, 10 7:53 pm

Haha, I love that! But it's a mouthful to pronounce...Iactually tried. XP

The CB profiles do need a makeover IMO. I had mine as the default for a couple months and it killed me. So plain. D:

Posted by schizo on Apr 16, 09 7:36 pm

YOU ARE A MAGICIGENIUS! Magician + Genius!
HACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Hey Gabi, pretty soon the CB profile default will be your profile layout I bet. It's so awesome!

Posted by fainaru on Apr 15, 09 12:25 am

I fixed it on mine. I added overflow:auto !important; _overflow:hidden !important; to the textarea properties. Hooray for underscores!

Posted by schizo on Apr 14, 09 4:05 pm

Yay! Your second idea worked ;P
And I know what you mean about the scrollbar issue with IE, can't really get the best of both worlds when it comes to browsers! The scrollbar ruins everything! I'll try increasing the height of the textbox if it's possible, or write a little less in my comments Haha. ... wait, now I see a scrollbar! :P

Posted by fainaru on Apr 13, 09 7:38 pm

OH, and I don't think there is a way to get more inbox space...I think maybe Admins get more, but I'm not even sure if they do.

Posted by schizo on Apr 13, 09 5:24 pm

Ah, color scheme = super pretty! I'm debating over whether or not I should submit some different colored versions for those people out there who don't know how to themselves...or maybe some ones with backgrounds. I don't know.

I set it to hidden so the scrollbar thing doesn't show in IE. That doesn't show up in FF, does it? I don't think it does...well, I'm off to add an underscore then!

Posted by schizo on Apr 13, 09 5:23 pm


Gabi!! Rofl, sorry, I emptied my inbox just a tad now, you can probably send it now!!

BTW is there any way to get more inbox space

and I think this comment box may need an overflow auto (I'm not seeing it!!) because I'm writing this to you on Notepad so I can see what I'm writing. :P

Posted by fainaru on Apr 12, 09 10:07 pm

Hey, I tried to PM you the codes to get the profile info back in my new layout, but your inbox is full. D:

Posted by schizo on Apr 12, 09 12:46 am

Had I sent you that msg before you got back to your rightful title, I would have said no, BUT since you're back ... yes! Forgiven *waves a random magic wand* :D :D :D

Posted by fainaru on Mar 24, 09 9:29 am

Luckily for you, I'm good at math and that made complete sense to me. I'm sorry I ever made you :@ by not being on staff. D: *tear*

Can I be forgiven?

Posted by schizo on Mar 22, 09 11:28 pm

I hope you're good at math Gabi, I made a couple of equations demonstrating the importance and impact of your presence on staff:

cB staff - Gabi = :'( and :@
cB Staff + Gabi = COMPLETE again :D

Posted by fainaru on Mar 22, 09 11:24 pm

Haha, I didn't realize I was so missed. It's good to be back. :D

Posted by schizo on Mar 22, 09 11:09 pm

I spazz along with Matt!! AHHHHHHHHHH R)(W*R(EY)*& :D :D :D

Posted by fainaru on Mar 22, 09 9:26 pm